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Good ways to spend money

    1. Healthy food

    Get organic fruit and veggies. Avoid pesticides. Avoid processed things.

    2. A good mattress

    I like Casper.

    3. Good bed sheets

    Bamboo is nice for summer. Cozy flannel for winter.

    4. Emergency food supply

    Having a store of meals gives peace of mind.

    5. A good cooling/heating system for the bed

    Deeper and better sleep is obtainable. The cooling system makes a big difference for my sleep.

    6. Organic, mold-free coffee

    If I'm going to take a dose of something every day, I want it to be clean. Bulletproof Coffee is my current choice.

    7. A health care subscription with DNA analysis

    I use Wild Health. I have a real partner in my health and well-being with my Wild Health doc and team.

    8. Green Juice

    I use Organifi. A simple way to support your health daily. Buy in bulk to save money.

    9. Goat soap

    It is a luxury but a healthy one. I like the idea of locally sourced soap with no harsh chemicals.

    10. Self-improvement books and programs

    Get recommendations from good podcasts on the subject.

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