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GPS - At Your Side, Always.

GPS - God Positioning System - Finding your way has never been so easy.

    1. She helps monitor where I Am and my precise location is always known.

    2. She does not penetrate solid wall structures (closed minds)

    3. Her accuracy depends greatly on how strong my signal is.

    4. She's always available, even in emergencies.

    5. She's quite accurate. G.I.G.O. - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    6. She's very low maintenance.

    7. She remains dormant (in the background) until I summon her.

    8. She doesn't chastise me if I make a wrong turn, regardless of how many wrong turns I make . (I tested her)

    9. She's impartial to race, skin color, cultural differences, or body composition.

    10. She still works whether I've been naughty or nice.

    11. She's only concerned about two things: Where I am and where do I want to go.

    12. She will take me anywhere I want to go, even if it's to the ghetto.

    13. She always knows where I am.

    14. She's my own personal satellite navigation system

    15. My personal assistant that doesn't complain, doesn't get sick or need off days, and she doesn't party, smoke, or drink. She has no bad habits.

    16. She's not confrontational and has no grievances. She's the most nonjudgmental person I know.

    17. I don't need to ask her for directions. Directions are given freely once I let her know where I want to go.

    18. There are many paths to the same destination. One she knows where I Am I can get there by foot, bike, car, train, or plane.

    19. She knows where I'm going. The entire route is mapped out in advance. There are no surprises.

    20. During the route I can change the direction I want to go at anytime and she quickly reroutes me to my new chosen destination.

    21. She does all the heavy lifting. I just need to follow her instructions to the letter and I will always arrive at my intended destination.

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