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Katie Ulrych


Gratitude List at 10 am

    1. 5 Year old Conversations

    Boy 2: We need 1 treasure map and 1 treasure. Boy 1: We can't have tornadoes on the map! It can only be sunshine and clouds.

    2. Little Boy Squeals of Joy

    I just watched a boy negotiate being the 2nd boss and he squealed with joy.

    3. Toddlers that become kids

    They were basically toddlers 9 months ago. They are now kids. They carry on conversations and have a distinct opinions.

    4. Abundance of Free Toys

    We have soo many toys that have been donated to this classroom. I want to get rid of some of them. It's just clutter. There are soooo many toys.

    5. 1 hour and 15 minutes of lunch

    I have time to walk around and decompress from the first 3 hours of the day.

    6. My Car Works!

    a friend just told me his car broke down last night. I am so grateful for a working car!

    7. I still have 2 cookies left

    I didn't eat all the cookies. I don't think I could even if I wanted to but they are still there.

    8. My students get an A+ during fire drills

    The first graders were a scene out of kindergarten cop. They got reemed out. My class was on it! 7th graders even cut them off but we managed to stay together.

    9. Lunch in 50 minutes

    That lunch is great.

    10. All of my students are still happy

    No one has started crying.

    11. Water backpack

    I bought a water backpack and its awesome. I consider one big sip being 1 oz of water.

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