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Katie Ulrych


Gratitude List at 11am


    1. The knowledge of Keto after eating an apple strudel

    That was a lot of sugar!

    2. Exercising burns off sugar

    I can just exercise or dance to silly songs at school and burn off that sugar!!

    3. My body reacts to not being on Keto

    Keto is not one of those ways of eating where you don't notice a difference. I notice it. It's incentive to go back on it. The inflammation is back and while I don't have a lot.. I have enough.

    4. Madonna

    Vogue is on the radio. What would this world be like without Madonna? Would the 80s have even happened?

    5. Alternatives to Cow Milk

    Cow milk is not good for me. I remember as a child watching those lactaid commercials. I would think... who drinks milk on purpose. I also didn't like ice cream back then. I don't remember seeing almond milk or oat milk. Why is it so prevelant today? Do we treat cows that terribly that almost all of us can't handle cow milk?

    6. My Awesome Computer

    I just always want to be typing on my computer. It's amazing!

    7. My Job

    My friend lost his job yesterday. I have one. I am looking for a better fitting one but I have one.

    8. 2nd Job

    Not only do I have one job but I have 2. First job pays the bills. The tips from this one pay for fun things. The checks pay for Scandinavia.

    9. 3rd Job

    I also have that fantastic 3rd job. Well not really anymore. Tutoring an already smart girl. It was awesome!

    10. 4th Job

    I make money hanging out in a different house and walk their dogs. It's good.

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