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Katie Ulrych


Gratitude List at Noon

Still here and doing it :)

    1. It's nap time

    They are all wiggling in their cots and I am typing

    2. It's still not that hot

    It really isnt.

    3. My Lesson Plans are done and posted

    3 days of school next week. Done.

    4. I was able to watch the Tots Performance

    I don't feel so bad about our performance. Half of them don't sing or dance and I guess that's ok.

    5. I don't work Job 2 til 5 and can get a red bull

    That red bull is magical. It powers my 2nd wind. I can't wait until I don't need it anymore.

    6. I tried something new today

    The coffee place that I like just mysteriously shut down. I went to a bakery and tried new things. I wont be getting a cappucino or an apple strudel from there again but I did something different.

    7. I am still functioning after all the sugar I've had today

    I had A LOT of sugar. A giant crayon cookie and an apple strudel. I have my water backpack on and I am functioning.

    8. I can go to the bathroom whenever I want

    Most teachers can't say that. I always have an assistant. I can go whenever I please.

    9. I am half way done with my 100 random searches this week.

    I did it last night.

    10. I am feeling ok!

    I am still not at 100% but I am maybe at 65%

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