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Grievances - Stay Pure. Stay Silent.

Grievances - everyone has them, however, the mission should you choose to accept is to rid your mind of all grievances and live the happy dream.

What's a grievance?

Grievance - a grievance is a perceived wrong (although it may be imaginary), committed against you by someone or something outside you, a wrong that in your mind justifies your complaint and resentment.

A grievance is the feeling of resentment that arises from that perceived wrong.

A grievance is always about some external event in which you feel unfairly treated.

Your proclamation to the world: "You did something wrong to me, and I have a right to be upset about it.”

    1. The carrying costs of holding onto grievances are high.

    It's all in your mind. Everything is happening in the mind. There's no boogie-man out there trying to get you.

    Holding onto grievances creates disease in the body.

    Holding onto grievances allows untruths to live freely in your mind - uninvestigated.

    Holding onto grievances tricks you into believing what you believed happened - never did.

    Holding onto grievances is an attack against the Truth - God.

    Holding onto grievances makes you believe that you could be harmed in some way.

    Holding onto grievances make your world small.

    2. Trust the ripple.

    What you put out into the world is reflected back to you.

    The ripple effect of holding onto grievances is not only pervasive but it's also coupled with unintentional effects such as pain, fear, attack, shame, regret, and guilt.

    Holding on to any grievance acts as a multiplier in that you continue to get more of what you say you don't want less of.

    3. Be mindful of what you think.

    Unintended consequences in the social sciences are outcomes of a purposeful action that are not intended or foreseen.

    You don't see the mess you create for yourself and others.

    There is a myriad of unintended consequences when you hold onto grievances and none of them are worth phoning a friend.

    How you view your fellow man is how you view yourself.

    If you prefer to follow the cadence of your ego then by all means continue to hold on to your grievances for dear life.

    If you decide to let go of all grievances you will experience a Love that passeth all understanding.

    4. Difficult vs easy.

    It's not only impossible to try and hold onto an illusion but it's also extremely painful.

    The juice is not worth the squeeze.

    It's burdensome to walk around with hate in your heart.

    It's easy to live your life when you see him/her as being innocent - because they are.

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