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Guided journals ideas

So, most of them you can easily replicate by some digital version template in Evernote for example, but I find the physical journal much more attractive for me, it inspires me in a higher way.

I think another option would be creating a mobile app for every single purpose.

    1. Drumming journal

    Include here the songs you want to learn, use the templates to mark tricky timecodes, add music notation, and gear this song needs to play it in a proper way.

    2. Guitar songs journal

    Pretty much similar to the drumming one

    3. ABS workout

    Or any other specific workout. Here I see some daily challenges, some progress reflection, and the time of the day you did this workout.

    4. Book recap journal

    I like to have such one, with guiding questions, who inspired, you the most among the character, what is the outtakes from the book, etc

    5. Fantasy sport teams drafts

    Just play with an idea of the future draft, the pros, and cons of your lineup.

    6. Basketball game highlights

    What was the best moment of the game, what are the turning points, what fun stuff the crowd did, and what were the funny moments on the court?

    7. Gift ideas

    For whom, where to buy, what is the relation, what are the vartiations

    8. Workday reflection

    All about the guiding questions: anything to mention about the project, people, boss, success, failures.

    9. Ideas list journal

    Obviously, you can use any kind of notepad as James mentioned thousand times, but maybe this journal can add some guiding questions like possible target audience, whether it's feasible, and what steps are needed to start working on this. I think it might help you to become more of a DOs person than a Words person.

    10. Grandma phone calls reflections

    As time goes by, and no one is eternal I believe in someday I would like to read through the journal of our talks, of all the wise words she is sharing with me, about her support.

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