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Hallelujah, it's a good day to start

Why is it a good day?

Because I decided to.

I just finished writing a few lines in my journal before checking my blog stats, emails, social media.

Every time I do it, it's a small victory and it's a good day.

But my day was already good before.


    1. Because I set up even simpler rules.

    -Every time I get up

    -Every time I am healthy

    -Every time I see my wife and kids still sleeping peacefully

    -Every time....

    "Every time", I learned this secret from Tony Robbins in Awaken the Giant.

    2. A rule can make you stronger or weaker.

    Unconsciously, we create plenty of them. And the natural tendency is to find more that generates pain than pleasure.

    "it quickly became clear to me that the majority of people are wired for pain. Their rules make it very, very difficult to feel good, and very easy to feel bad."
    ā€” "Tony Robbins

    3. I'll be happy when ...

    I have my big villa, my boat or when I become financially independent

    Clearly, you can have these goals (if that's what makes you dream) but you can't make your happiness depend on them.

    Or imagine a rule for an investor like me.

    It's a good day every time the market goes up. There are bound to be many bad days.

    4. Your intentionality can change the balance.

    How do you do it?

    -List the values that are important to you. Happiness, love, appreciation, curiosity, enthusiasm, determination...

    - A question: What needs to happen for me to feel X?

    - Create simple rules that depend on you (internal locus)

    5. Don't study intentionality, live it...

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