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Happiness Masterclass - Get More Happy

Here's one thing that we can all agree on, everybody wants to be happy.

What are some attributes of happiness? Joy, peace, safety, and caring.

Every waking moment of your life is an attempt to get to a state of happiness. And you will do whatever you can to achieve that state.

Can you discover real happiness through acquiring money, fame, or power? Nope, though many have tried and no one has been successful at it.

You also falsely believe that you have to rid yourself of something before you can be happy. It goes something like this:

Once I get divorced I will be happy.

Once I get out of debt I will be happy.

Once I get my children out of the house and through college I will be happy.

Once I quit this job and start my new higher paying job I will be happy.

Once my startup becomes profitable I will be happy.

Once I break the 8-figure mark I will be happy.

Once he buys me that Birkin bag I will be happy.

Whatever you're doing today your end goal is to be happy.

When you get the things that you want there's still something missing. You have no peace of mind.

Happiness Masterclass - Get More Happy

    1. Two - I AM's

    Statement 1: I am eating a bowl of cooked steel-cut oats with fresh strawberries.

    Who is the "I" in the above statement referring to? Me, the physical body/mind.

    Statement 2: I am noticing that I am eating so much oatmeal that I won't be able to get up from the table when I'm done.

    Who is the "I" referring to in the second statement? It's not the physical body, it's conscious awareness.

    In the first statement the "I Am" is performing the act. In the second statement the "I Am" is the watcher, the silent observer.

    Without the second "I Am", the watcher the first "I Am" cannot exist. In fact, the first "I Am" is nothing more than a made-up sense of self. The "I Am" that I believe myself to be is not the real "I Am." It's nothing more than a set of beliefs, programs, memories, experiences, and conditioning.

    Our identity is formed both with the body/mind and conscious awareness. We jump back and forth between the two "I Am's" totally oblivious to this fact.

    2. The Hierarchy - Body Mind vs Conscious Awareness

    We believe that conscious awareness is last but in truth, you have to invert the triangle.

    Conscious awareness is not the stepchild that we treat it to be, it reigns supreme.

    Both you and your experiences could not exist without awareness.

    How would you be aware of the stars, moon, and clovers without awareness? Impossible.

    You're taught the exact opposite even though your personal experience is telling and showing you something completely different.


    3. Dedicated life to spiritual practice.

    There are four rooms in a house.

    Unstable as I define it -: not firm or fixed: not constant: wavering in purpose or intent: vacillating: lacking steadiness: apt to move or sway.

    There's a physical room. (BODY) The physical room is very unstable. The body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells. Cells are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. These atoms are always moving in and out of your body so much so that your body is never the same moment to moment. The body that you are associated with will not be the same body by the time you finish reading this post.

    There's a mind room. (MIND) The mind room is very unstable and always in a state of flux. Your mind is comprised of thoughts, imagination, sensations, memories, feelings, and perceptions. Everything in your mind is fleeting at best. After reading this post you will think thoughts that you've probably never thought of before. You probably don't even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday.

    There's an emotional room. (EMOTIONS). The emotional room is very unstable. Your moods can be extreme and change very quickly. Some examples of unstable emotions are extreme depression, anxiety, or irritability that might last for only a few hours or days, usually in response to a stressful event. You often experience Intense anger and difficulty controlling your anger.

    There's a spiritual room. (CONSCIOUS AWARENESS). This is your Rock of Gibraltar. It's always stable. It wants nothing. It asks for nothing. It judges nothing because it has no needs. It's always present. It's limitless. It's boundless. It's clear. It's eternal. Its characteristics never change. It's empty. It takes on what's in front of it. It's much like a video camera that captures both the visual and the audio. The video camera doesn't object to what's being filmed and who is doing the filming. It has no judgment, no hatred, no preferences, no resistance, and there is no this is the way it has to be or I'm not going to film it. The video camera - just films. It doesn't matter if you're filming a local salvage yard or the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt the video camera is just as effective as taking an accurate picture. Conscious awareness is very similar to the video camera in that it's always at peace.


    4. If it's peace of mind you're after why don't you have it already?

    You don't have any peace of mind which is a prerequisite to happiness because you have the pyramid turned upside down.

    You show up as if you're a victim.

    You judge yourself and others.

    You're unwilling to let go of your grievances. Remember that a grievance is a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment.

    You're unwilling to forgive. Remember that true forgiveness is not pardoning. Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. Forgiveness is hearing the melody in the other person. Forgiveness is when you quietly look at what your ego is doing without judgment.

    You resist "what is".

    You have a strong need to be right.

    You have a strong need to point out what's wrong in the world.

    Your story of "Me" is always front and center.

    You are more quickly looking for ways to attack your brother instead of ways to join with him.

    You're unsettled. You're restless. You hate things.

    You believe you must acquire more things in the world to be happy.

    You're always on the quest for more and you're rarely, if ever, satisfied.

    You're afraid of everybody including yourself of what you might do to another body.

    You're always seeking what you do not have.

    Take a look at the Google search below..and this is just the tip of the iceberg


    5. The body mind cannot provide you with the answers you seek and the peace you so desperately desire.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    One of the four rooms mentioned earlier is Conscious Awareness. One of Conscious Awareness' attributes is peace. You can't get it in any other room. And if happiness is what you want and I know that it is - spend a lot of time in that room.

    Go directly to the room where you know that you can find what you're looking for. It's always there. It's not going to chase you and beg you to come into the room. You have a standing invitation that doesn't expire but it's up to you to walk through the door.

    In the observer role, there is no resistance, no stress, and no judgment.

    So for example, if you're upset about something you can step into the observer role and say "There's Bob, not getting his way." Or "There's Kim thinking that things should be different than what they are."

    There's no stress and no upset. It just "is what it is." Speak about yourself in the third person role.

    Your body is still participating but as you identify with conscious awareness which is the primary part of your identity that you've been ignoring. 

    Until you tap into the primary and eternal truth about yourself you will never be happy. Peace, tranquility, happiness, beauty, and truth are built into the very fabric of conscious awareness.

    If you want to be at peace if you want to be happy then go to where happiness always is.

    You are your own wizard.

    Practice. Practice.

    It's the placement of your attention that counts. Where do you place most of your attention?

    You're missing out on the fabulous part of yourself that has all the answers.

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