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Hard Grattitide Problems

    1. I live by the mouth of a canyon so the weather can be colder or wetter than surrounding areas

    It's awesome to be so close to the mountains and nature. I get to see wildlife near my home (hawks, deer) pretty often. Also close to hikes.

    2. Living close to an air force base is noisy

    Get to see cool air craft doing interesting things. People from all around the country live on base so it brings in interesting and diverse people.

    3. Having an autistic son

    He's awesome, and I get to relate with him in a much different way than my other child. I'm also involved with a new community of great people.

    4. Working from home gets lonely

    Being location independent is awesome.

    5. Being a business owner is stressful at times, it sucks to lose a deal when you need it.

    Big risk can be big reward. I get to choose my schedule, my clients, and have had my fair share of big wins too.

    6. Sprinking system broke

    Learned all about how to fix them and can help others do the same.

    7. I need a bigger vehicle for my family

    But my current one is super fuel efficient

    8. Housing market had gotten ridiculously expensive in my state

    Now that we're not considering moving we're making the best of our yard, house, space that we have available. Also got started on a new business with the wife we were waiting on which has been fun.

    9. Price of everything going up for everyone.

    More focused on quality and long term purchases. Made me more frugal and less likely to buy junk on impulse.

    10. So much new construction in my area

    Glad to be in a place where so many people want to be

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