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Help Me Decide My Next Life/Career Move


    1. Mexico

    2. Buenos Aires

    3. Somewhere in the UK?

    4. Istanbul

    5. Tel Aviv

    6. Austin

    7. Lisbon

    8. Freelancing on UpWork + Fiverr and outside of platforms

    9. Digital nomad visas

    Lots of countries are offering digital nomad visas, with more countries joining the list soon. They ask you to prove that you have the minimum monthly income required (it varies a lot depending on the country).


    10. Teaching online

    Lots of tutoring platforms to teach languages and tons of other things. There's probably better potential outside of those platforms, though.

    11. Some sort of niche coaching

    I often come across these ads from Max Tornow. I'm not sure I like his vibe, but he teaches people how to make a ton of money as a niche coach (he has some free content and then a very expensive program, I've heard mixed reviews about it - probably not for everyone). I have no idea how good his stuff is, so I'm not recommending him. But I'm remembering one of his clients saying that he earned very good money (I can't remember if it was 10k, 20k or more) teaching Spanish to expats in Argentina, or something like that. The idea is interesting: a very specific niche that some people might be willing to pay a lot of money for.

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