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Katie Ulrych


Help Me Skip The Line and Get on Big Stages?

    1. Duncan Hines

    I did a challenge watch a biographical documentary from someone from each letter of the alphabet. Duncan Hines was H. He was my favorite. I still have W X Y and Z but so far.. He's my favorite. He was a traveling sales man and he basically just wrote the best "newsletter". He sent a list of recommended places for family and friends to stay at in their travels and sent it with his Christmas Cards. Friends and Family LOVED it. They said write a pamphlet. He wrote one. and then another one. He quit his day job and basically became the AAA guide book before AAA. He was invited to restaurants and inns to experience their business. If he liked it he would leave a plaque outside of it saying "recommended by Duncan Hines". His name became connected to quality. Brands wanted just his name on packages. He had his name attached to many products towards the end of his life. The one he ended up being most famous for were cake mixes. I love this story so much.

    I feel like you could do something like this. Recommend things. It sounds google reviewy to me but do it in a way where people need to know your recommendations. I have been loving the recommendation podcasts.

    2. Peter Theil zero to one

    This is one of my favorite James Altucher podcasts ever! My one take away is be so different from everyone else that you're like a monopoly. When you give a talk.. be so uniquely yourself. Just be your wild Aquarius self. The thing I love most about Aquarius people are they are sooo freaking quirky. Whenever I meet one.. I have to know.. what's your kink? Every Aquarius has something so odd about them that makes them such an individual. I love it.

    3. The Fox Lantern

    Find her on Instagram. She changed my life. She does Soul Animal Readings. They are so spot on I got them for my whole family last year. I got 10 of them. Most of my family are very straight and narrow people but they felt it connected with them. She looks at a picture of you and tells you what animal your SOUL is. I am a Sooty Shearwater Bird. People come into my life when they need a change. I can think of 100's of different ways to do 1 thing. If someone is stuck they come into my life. I have used this in teaching. She said " the students in your classroom are in your classroom because they are stuck and they need to get out of being stuck. It is your gift to the world" My bird travels 40k KM a year on average. I see things from so many different perspectives.

    She helped me see all of my good qualities and how even my more difficult ones like not sitting still are good.

    She's expensive but worth it. I want her gift so badly. If you do it.. tell her the sooty shearwater sent you. Then message me and tell me everything.

    4. Do some weird stuff

    Like the weirder the better. I find the weirder the things I do the more fun I am in conversations. I did 1000 random wikipedia searches and I have the most unusual conversations with people. I try to live my life as randomly as possible so I can do more weird things. Experience more unusual circumstances. People don't want to hear the same stories. They want to hear about weird stuff. What are 10 totally weird things you can talk about.. Ooooh I am going to make this a list.

    5. Work on the biggest stage

    Get a job like an usher on the weekends at the stage you want to ideally be on. I don't know many stages. In Michigan a big stage would be like The Fox Theater. Get a job there. When the theater is quiet and no one is there. Get up on stage and just do it. Give that speech.

    6. K im done.

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