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Help Me Skip The Line and Get on Big Stages?

My astrologist read my chart and said I had to see the worst in my childhood so I could see the best now.  She said speak on the biggest stage you can find and you will belong there, because I was an outcast in the Piscean Age, but I am an incast in The Aquarian Age with so many planets in Aquarius and Leo, the performer.  Any ideas you have, please share!♒️🏺

    1. I was a prodigy pianist at age 5.

    I was on stage every day as a child.  But I hated it because I had no control over my life, which is what happens to child performers.  I would never be allowed to say "no" to anything.

    My parents were not good people and they used me for their own purposes, like all parents do with their children until the kids are old enough to fight back and say "no".

    But then when I was about 18, I went back into the world of music and became a professional musician again (after being out of it for about 10 years).

    And after that first year back, I got hired by "Saturday Night Live", which is one of the biggest stages in comedy.

    So going back into music ended up helping me get on bigger stages than ever before in comedy.

    It's hard to talk about this stuff without sounding like a victim but... that's what happened.

    2. My father died when I was 12

    This made me angry at my mother and sister but also gave me an excuse to be angry at everything else too
    When you are angry at everyone else it gives you an excuse not to look inside yourself and see what needs work there
    This is true for most comedians who have had difficult childhoods or lives in general
    They use comedy as an excuse not to look inside themselves and deal with issues that need work there (which is why some comedians go into therapy)

    3. My astrologist said that I am now in the Aquarian Age, where we are all connected by our phones so we can't hide anymore from each other or from our inner demons if we want to connect with others (which is how comedy works)

    So she said "help me skip the line" so she could make her appointment on time so she could be on time for her next appointment so she could help someone else skip the line later in her day if they needed it too

    4. For example, when my daughter was born 20 years ago today (June 6), nobody knew how important birthdays would become later in life since everyone uses Facebook now as a way to stay connected with friends and family on those special days

    So nobody told us how special June 6 would be for my daughter 20 years later when she gets married on June 6
    And nobody told us how special June 6 will be for me either because this will be one of my favorite days ever
    It's like two birthdays rolled into one
    Happy Birthday Emily
    You are such a beautiful Pisces!💖

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