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"Hey boy hand me that bag of chips"

I need your help with something.

I have a dilemma.

If someone says something to me that is "unflattering" how long should I hold onto it?

Does your answer depend on if what was said is true or untrue?

Does your answer depend on the content of what was said - "hey boy hand me that bag of chips?"

Does your answer depend on the tone and inflection of their speech?

Does your answer depend on whether or not I knew the other person personally?

So how long should I hold onto my grievance - if at all?


    1. 7 seconds

    2. 7 minutes

    3. 7 hours

    4. 7 days

    5. 7 months

    6. 7 Years

    7. The trigger that instigates

    Nothing happens until someone pulls the trigger...

    • Notice how we are triggered by such trivial things.
    • Notice how the same things that set us off ten years ago are still alive today.
    • Notice how we think we are the effect and not the cause.
    • Notice the absurdity and silliness of holding onto a grievance the longer we hold onto it.
    • Notice the person that is always in the most pain is the one keeping the "unpleasant" memory alive in their mind.
    • Notice how awful you feel even if you hold onto the feeling of being "wronged" for a mere seven seconds.

    It's the world's responsibility to push our triggers because that's what the world is a master at.

    It's our responsibility not to be triggered, and if we are, -- not for too long.


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