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Hobbies I've Tried

Hobbies I've Tried

    1. Cat Rescue

    Prior to my current volunteer gig (adoption coordinator for a dog rescue), I volunteered with a cat rescue. Loved the cats and finding them amazing homes, but the head of the rescue was missing several marbles and made many questionable decisions. I had to walk away from the rescue before she got sued for something I didn't want to be involved in.

    2. Couponing

    More out of necessity than a fun hobby. We were young, broke, had a kid, and needed to make ends meet. I'd spend a ton of time couponing to get deals. After about a year or so I gave that up and never looked back.

    3. Sewing

    It's fine, I can do it well enough but I don't love it so I dropped it.

    4. Community Gardening

    This was a fun, challenging hobby. I learned quite a bit about companion planting and organic gardening methods from some master gardeners. Everyone in our community was kind and willing to share knowledge and work. After three years, I gave up my plot as we had bought a home and it was further away from the garden. I miss it, and perhaps will go back to it at some point. Our current place is not conducive to the type of gardening I'd like to do.

    5. Yoga

    I have an odd mental association of yoga with something else. It's been blocking me from going back, though I genuinely enjoyed doing it. It's something that in time I would love to go back to.

    6. Kickboxing/Tabata/And such

    Over the years I've tagged along with various friends to their favorite types of workouts. Some have been fun, some felt like one of the layers of hell, but all were worth the effort.

    7. Bread making

    Like everyone and their cousin, I too made some bread over the pandemic (and before, some after) - I like bread. Some favorites were a chai spiced challah, strawberry rhubarb brioche, and a figuring out a copycat bread/pizza recipe from one of our favorite local places.

    8. Homebrewing

    At a former job I was able to take a course in homebrewing and it was pretty fun. I've dabbled in it here and there since then but given that I'm not much of a drinker, it's a hobby I'm not too focused on.

    9. Mentoring

    Over the years I've been a mentor to graduate students, community kids, and new employees. At the moment I'm on a mentor hiatus (with the exception of my community little friend - he's always connected with me), but there's something fulfilling about giving back to the various communities I'm apart of.

    10. Kayaking

    One of my favorite outdoor hobbies that's been sidelined by my shoulder injury. At one point I had considered purchasing my own kayak and probably will in the future once I'm ready. It's one of the hobbies my son also enjoys.

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