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Host an Airbnb Experience

I've attended several AirBnB experiences and enjoyed every one of them. I've even set up a walking tour of Central Park that I host through AirBnB (please consider booking one if you're ever in New York - Here are some ideas for experiences that anyone can create.

    1. A Walking Tour Of Your City

    All this requires is some knowledge of the history of tourist attractions on your tour, the ability to walk, and an ability to speak in public (something that not everyone can or is willing to do). This is a great way to meet interesting people and it scales well (a great hourly rate!).

    2. A Cooking Class

    Do you have an interesting recipe that people love? Are you an expert in a foreign cuisine that people might be interested in learning about? Consider hosting a cooking experience.

    3. A Dance Class

    I booked one when I was in Paris and met a beautiful Irish girl. We went on a wonderful date the next evening.

    4. A Comedy Show

    Are you a fan of good comedy? Or perhaps you're an owner of a comedy club looking for new avenues of business. Put your comedy show on AirBnB.

    5. A Sculpting Class

    When I was in Athens, I attended an experience with a sculptor who showed us how to create a clay phil

    6. A Surfing Experience

    I love surfing. The first few times I stood up on a board were incredible experiences. Helping others enjoy this experience would be wonderful!!!

    7. A Photo Shoot

    Do you live in an area with many photo opportunities? This is a pretty straightforward idea that anyone could host. Everyone has a super camera in their pockets, so no equipment needed.

    8. A Biking Tour

    Tell your guests to bring a bike and make it an active tour!

    9. A Chess Experience

    Are you a fan of chess? Do you know it well enough to teach it? If so, create a chess experience!

    10. A Yoga Experience

    Too many people are stressed out these days....glued to their devices and screens, not eating or resting properly. Many folks would gladly pay for a yoga experience that "centers" them.

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