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How best to become antifragile in 2022?

The idea that you can make yourself antifragile with a few simple, short term steps/ideas is probably not the best framing of this. Better to focus on longer term, common sense ideas that will make you more resilient and give more optionality that end up being antifragile. We're semi-isolated in the mountains. In 2017 we bought the cabin next to us to rent out on Airbnb. It was a good idea to create an income stream. Bookings were quite good but went WAY up because of the pandemic--it's the perfect place to be socially distant. It turned out to be antifragile.

    1. Get healthy; strong, fit and change your diet to minimize number of prescriptions.

    2. Stay curious and learn new things.

    3. Actively engage in your community, kind of a Doomer optimist idea but localism is important

    4. Cultivate several income streams, this is a long term thing, you're unlikely to make that happen in just a few weeks.

    5. Be able to provide value to others--some sort of skill or service; welding, plowing snow, EMT

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