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How can I improve my AI story?

Check my last list for the story 

    1. Growth

    She grows to become a strong stoic leader, so her starting point should be the opposite.  Someone weak, scared, spoilt, world revolves around her.

    This makes her growth even more spectacular.

    2. Evil Queen

    What's her motivation?  Power mad.  Why keep the princess alive?  She's no threat and she serves as a constant reminder of the vast difference in power/strength.  Hopes to turn her to her aide and gain even more power as a result.

    3. Guard

    The guard that saves her doesn't have a backstory.  Maybe a short paragraph can mention a small act of kindness done to him that he remembers.

    4. Anger

    Stoics talk about not letting anger control us.  The death of the mouse could be a final test to see if she really does have control.  

    Like the first idea this would mean we need to show her to be quick to anger.  This could be her toughest lesson.  Always getting angry when doing the lessons.

    When she's finally calm, time slows and she's easily able to slay the evil Queen.

    5. Fun task

    I highly recommend having AI write a story.  For one they're fun to read and secondly the act of tweaking it until it's perfect really works your creative muscle's and makes you feel great.  Once done you could always attach AI images and make and publish a book.

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