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How Can I Renew My Love of Blogging?

I love writing blog posts that are both search engine optimized, with intensive keyword research, but also useful to human readers. Recently, I have been overwhelmed with other tasks, such as helping my daughter apply to college, and helping all of my children with school work. Sometimes, when I sit down in front of the mountain of writing topics I have waiting for me, I just walk away and put it off. How can I motivate myself to write new posts that will perform well?

    1. Can you snort carrots?

    I once wrote an article about snorting tramadol, and it took off, as the number one article on the site with tons of traffic. I then wrote a series of posts on snorting anything else I could think of, including sugar. Of course, every article was emphatically against the act of snorting anything. Snorting posts always perform well. I even got the competition writing snorting articles, which are now ranking better than mine.

    2. Write guest posts for colleagues.

    A psychologist I sometimes work with is trying SEO service, but her content is not ranking as well as she would like. I can't stop thinking of article ideas for her. I'll probably write one or two at no cost, just to prove to her that it is possible to rank higher with carefully written, well thought out content.

    3. Answer posts in Facebook groups.

    How often do you start writing a comment to set everyone straight in a Facebook thread? You start writing paragraphs, then realize that everything you are writing is going to be lost and forgotten. Why not write it as a quick blog post? Share the link, but write a really catchy SEO title and meta description to get people to click and read. Then, the next time the topic comes up, you can share it again.

    4. Write my book on my blog.

    I have published two ebooks on Amazon, which were simply collections of blog posts. One of them is making a little money I don't have the focus to write a real book, but I can write 2,000+ word blog posts. I have enough to assemble several books. Thinking about my next "book" is a good motivator to keep blogging.

    5. Just write.

    I have noticed that if I start an article with a title, and maybe around 100 words, I keep thinking about finishing it. Sometimes, I get several started at once.

    6. Organize

    Organizing keyword research and ideas can help to get me motivated to finish the work.

    7. Dictate and transcribe.

    I have tried this, and usually, the text needs so much editing, I might as well have typed the whole thing. Still, it is a way to get a piece started.

    8. Write shorter posts.

    I have gotten carried away with following the rule that posts should be 2,000+ words. Maybe some short posts would be easy to just get something published while I am working on the longer pieces.

    9. Compete.

    I am very competitive. I should do more research and find websites and pages I want to compete with.

    10. Is Mark Leeds a scam?

    Of course not! Just like the snorting posts, questioning if a well-known person is a scam is a great way to jump to #1 on Google. Of course, the article content should assure the reader that the subject is a great person and not a scam.

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