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How Can I Resurface Ideas Collected in my Spark File?

I've been using a Spark File for the past 2 years to collect the random, someday/maybe kinds of ideas that get "sparked" throughout the day. It's one long list in my notes app, only separated by date.

I'm always re-inspired when I look through the ideas there—like finding treasure my past self left for my future self to discover. But how can I make sure I actually go back through them?

Here's some ideas for resurfacing those gems:

    1. Add a Daily Habit to review my Spark File for 5 mins/day

    2. Add a Daily Habit to post at least 1 Spark File idea on Twitter

    3. Publish a list of my Spark File ideas on NotePD

    4. Add ideas to Readwise as highlights and apply spaced repetition to them.

    5. Review the entire Spark File during a weekly or monthly review.

    6. Create an "Idea Bank"

    Print the list using very large print, cut out each idea, and put all the strips of paper into a container.

    I can pull out ideas at random and also see my ideas physically build up, much like a piggy bank.

    7. Listen to them read back to me

    Add the list as a document to the Speechify app and hear it read out loud.

    8. Search by verb

    Search the Spark File for all instances of verbs like "make", "publish", "write", or "create" and read through my ideas for one action at a time.

    9. Spark File Roundup

    At the end of the week, compile a "Spark File Roundup" of my favorite ideas that week.

    10. Read through my "Visuals First" spark file instead of the general one.

    Along with the Spark File for general ideas, I also keep a "Visuals First" file for collecting ideas for sketches. I could switch it up and review just those ideas on a given day.

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