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How can we make money by James Altucher AI

    1. Data as a Service

    As AI becomes more prevalent, companies will need data. They can't just go out and collect their own. So they'll pay $1000/month to "data as a service". You give them whatever data they want and you get paid.

    2. AI for your website

    If you have a website, you can hire an AI company (like us) to build you an AI for your site. The AI would analyze every visitor to your site, figure out what their interests are, and then show them ads that are relevant to those interests. This is how Google makes money.

    3. An AI Robotic Butler

    Robot butlers are going to be hot in the next few years so people can avoid domestic labor (and save money). An AI robotic butler would know everything about you and act accordingly. For instance, if I'm at home with my family it might act like a regular butler. If I'm by myself it might ask me if I want to order delivery from Zuber or some other food delivery app (I don't know). It would suggest things based on my past behavior and preferences.

    4. A better version of "James Altucher's Crypto Trader"

    We launched "James Altucher's Crypto Trader" two weeks ago on Product Hunt and we had over 1000 users sign up in the first day or so. But we weren't ready yet so we asked everyone who signed up to please wait until we were ready (we weren't). We're working on it now but there's nothing like this right now so we can charge people $7/month (or whatever) for something that's really good instead of really bad like most crypto trading sites are now.

    5. A better version of "James Altucher's Stock Trader"

    Same as above but for stocks instead of crypto. Again, there's nothing like this right now so there's an opportunity to make something really good and charge people for it instead of making something bad and giving it away for free (like CNBC does).

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