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How Can You Impact 1 Billion People Through the Book "Choose Your Self"

The books is great! How can you make it reach more people.

    1. Put it on Amazon for free.

    Put it on Amazon for free. This will get the most downloads and people will read it, even if they don't pay for it.

    2. Make an audiobook version of "Choose Yourself" and give it away on Audible.

    The book is written in a style that is very easy to read out loud. I did this with "The Personal MBA" and many other books.

    3. Create a Choose Yourself podcast series

    I know you are not a big fan of podcasts but this one would be great!

    4. Have the authors of other self-help books come on your podcast to discuss their books and how they relate to "Choose Yourself".

    For instance, "The Power of Now", "The Untethered Soul", "The Alchemist", etc.

    5. Publish articles every week about how to apply techniques from various self-help books to the techniques described in "Choose Yourself".

    For instance, when someone asks you, "What do you think about [fill in the blank]?" How do you respond? Like, when someone says, "What do you think about Trump?" I would say the first thing I should do is ask myself why I am answering that question. Why am I giving my opinion? What does she want from me? What does my opinion mean anyway? These are all things described in the book that we could talk about more often as applied to everyday life.

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