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How Collin Harness Choose Himself - chapter ideas

    1. Dumped politics

    People are obsessed with politics, but they are almost impossible to change. I grew surrounded by conservatives, but the older I became the more I realized that the 2 political parties are not that different. I do not want to spend my life worrying about politics. I would rather avoid them and spend time working on things where I can make a digger difference.

    2. Being gay

    Several people told me that I would never be happy, life will be harder, it is immoral. It is who I am and life is great.

    3. Choosing to be rich

    There is a lot I can show about this topic. "Rich" is a state of mind. Just having food, water and shelter can make someone rich. But also sometime you have to lie to yourself in order to accomplish something you want. Someone broke up with me and I did not have enough money to rent an apartment and I did not want to feel like that ever again. I had to start telling myself: You love yourself and you are rich. Then put in the world to make those real.

    4. Dressing up

    Most people do not dress up. Especially people born after 1990 or 2000.

    Dressing nice makes you immediately stand out. People treat you different.

    Dressing up is a visual reminder to myself that I am a person accomplishing important things.

    5. Buying a house

    I never thought I would be able to afford real estate. Making money has always been a challenge for me and buying a house means having enough money for a downpayment.

    And I love renting. Who wants to spend their weekends taking care of a yard, cleaning, fixing broken things?

    But some deals are too good to pass up. A couple was getting divorced and needed to sell their house fast at a discount. I bought the house and waited till a global pandemic made my real estate a lot more valuable.

    And I paid off the mortgage. One more step to financial freedom.

    6. Started giving away ideas for free

    I think most people have a tendency to hoard. They want to collect everything and give nothing away. But life is strange how it works.

    The more you give away the more people come back to you. The more creative and helpful you can be the more people will flock to you.

    Give away as much as possible.

    Keep coming up with solutions.

    Become an idea machine.

    7. Nothing is personal

    This can be really hard to put into practice. 99% of the time people are thinking about themselves. Even if someone is screaming at you and telling you how horrible you are, do not take it personally.

    They are afraid. And they are trying to give their fears to you.

    Don't live in fear. Remember that it is not personal and that 2 weeks from it is not going to matter.

    Keep loving them, even if they have you, because it is a lot more fun to love rather than hate.

    8. Risk taker

    All of the greatest companies, inventions, experiences came about because people took risks. Einstein, Jobs, Gates, Oprah, Musk. They all took really big risks and lived big lives.

    I probably need to think a little bit bigger about what I want to accomplish.

    9. Constant education

    I should not have gone to college. I did not enjoy it, wasted a lot of time with it and had to teach myself everything that I use today.

    By reading books and running experiments I am constantly learning. And will hopefully continue learning for the rest of my life.

    10. Fully embraced technology

    People shit on technology. Technology is amazing and has done amazing things for my life. Lean into it. Adopt it early. Invest in it. Learn as much of it as possible.

    11. Getting married

    Never ever thought I would get married or ask someone to marry me, but it has happened and the wedding is going to be in Oct 2022.

    12. Started my own company

    The best way to build wealth is to become an owner or yourself, your job, your stocks and then your own company.

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