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How different will the world be 20 years from now?

This old man has a conversation with his 6-month old Great-Grandson, Xander.

Xander, you've come into a world that might seem confusing today. But what will it be like in 20 years?

Your Mom and Dad surely love you and will be teaching you how to be a good boy, and then how to be a good man. You will need to be a good man in 20 years.

    1. Technology Will Continue to Expand

    Technology has been accelerating at a faster and faster rate each year. Heck, it was barely 20 years ago when Apple introduced the first iPhone. Our phones are now smarter that we are in many ways. I remember my first computer. My watch now has more power than that old rig.

    We are flirting with AI or Artificial Intelligence becoming aware. Some say it will be the end of humanity. Others can't wait for the spectacular freedom AI can deliver.

    I read a SyFy story some years ago where everybody had become totally dependent on their device, much like our smartphones of today. One day, the technocrats met a lowly maintenance man who had developed a remarkable talent. He could do arithmetic in his head, not having to rely on the device for the answers. They were astounded.

    Xander, I hope we never become so immersed in our technology that we forget how to be people.

    2. There Will Be Wars and Rumors of Wars.

    I used to be a "peacenick" believing that we humans could end war. Then I was a warrior in the Viet Nam war and learned we could not. That was 50 years ago.

    20 years ago, we entered a war in the Middle East, only recently concluded.

    80 years ago, the whole world was consumed by the fight against evil.

    And before that, wars, wars, and more wars. That's because we humans follow leaders who lust for more power. That usually means invading some other leader's country, calling on the young men to fight and die for the whims of the old leaders.

    We'll never end wars. We'll likely be in some sort of war or other in 20 years. I just hope that if you are called upon to be a warrior, that you learn well the art of war, and that you come home in one piece.

    3. But Life Goes On.

    Regardless, Xander, you will need to be you. You will learn where you want to go, and will figure out how to get there. That is the way with all young men. Even 20 years from now, life will still go on.

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