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How different will the world be 20 years from now?

    1. Computer vision will be everywhere and in real time

    Your phone can already scan your face as a passcode and scan your credit card for payment.

    2. Computer vision will make cars autonomous

    3. Computer vision will make surveillance automated and extremely detailed

    This is already happening in China but it will be everywhere all the time: every human will be tracked and analyzed: not just by your appearance but by your gait or tone of voice or body density patterns

    4. Computer vision will not be limited by human visual constraints

    Computers will be able to see in the dark, in the rain, through clothing, in infrared, see things on the head of a pin or in another galaxy

    5. Data about the visible world will be collected and analyzed in new ways

    6. Traffic patterns will be analyzed in real time by an orchestrator and autonomous cars will be routed

    Traffic will move from autonomous single cars to a single AI hive mind of optimized traffic flow

    7. Ai will be able to produce photo realistic fake images that will progress from stills to gif to movies and games

    “News” will be even harder to trust if AI generated images get shown as the truth, like an image of a prime minister inappropriately touching a child, natural disasters that never occurred, etc.

    8. AI will generate content for people to consume or re-use

    This is already happening on social media (on NotePD!) AI can generate compelling images and posts already. It will create all art forms in ways that are indistinguishable from, or superior to humans

    9. AI will grow our food for us and monitor soils, etc

    It will be like idiocracy where no humans will understand how to survive

    10. AI will supplement medical doctors

    By scanning the body the AI will be able to point out anomalies and then offer repair. There could be fully automated AI surgeries for setting broken bones or heart surgery

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