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How discipline affects Success?

Without discipline, success is impossible. Few ways discipline can help you achieve your goals:

    1. Helps you stay focused on your mission

    What Impact do you want to create in the world. Discipline would help you stay focused on that mission.

    2. Pushes you towards your goals

    The relationship betwen discipline and success is that increasing your level of discipline leads to greater success.

    It doesn't matter if you feel scared - once you're disciplined to keep pushing and committing to your goals - you achieve those goals despite how you feel.

    Face the fear and make the decision anywhere through discipline.

    3. Creates Momentum

    There's a momentum successful people have that unsuccessful people only dream about.

    For you to achieve such momentum you need discipline, a lot of sacrifice and setting your priorities right.

    You can't keep up with what you don't prioritize.

    4. Eliminates your need for validation

    Most people are second-guessing what they want to do because they are concerned with other people are saying about them.

    Once you are focused on results over random applauds then discipline becomes your drive.

    5. Creates consistency

    The most disciplined people are the most consistent why because their actions are aligned with their goals.

    E.g. Why would you maintain a streak on NotePd if writing is not part of your goals?

    Why would you wake up and work on your business if the impact you're trying to create is not part of your mission?

    6. The Consequences of Not Being Disciplined

    Success comes with a price. What happens when you're not disciplined?

    The result is:

    - Failure

    - Overthinking

    - Inaction

    7. Become a Learner

    When you're disciplined - you prioritize learning to the extent that you don't just learn from your mistakes but you learn from the mistakes of others.

    If you want to acquire skills you don't have presently - then you have to be disciplined.

    8. The Importance of Having a Good Work Ethic

    All successful people I know have insane work ethic.

    Discipline is the magice to creating a good work ethic which is essential for success.

    9. Master your habits

    Sometimes the only way you get better in your biggest priorities is through volume and repetition.

    Discipline would help you master your habits by committing to your high-priority habits everyday.

    10. Helps you Choose Yourself

    Choose yourself by staying disciplined to your goals.

    "The only real fire to cultivate is the fire inside of you" - James A.

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