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How Do I Find Time for Things Other than my Day Job?

Time management in your life is crucial and very difficult.

I remember starting my first job and I couldn't believe how little free time I had.

I also remember when my wife had our first child, I felt like more free time went away!

    1. Commute Time

    Once spent 90 minutes a day just commuting. Getting to work early, I probably wasted 2 hours a day. Try and live as close to work as possible, or utilize the commute time to do other things.

    2. Ed Mylett Time Management

    Ed believes there are 3 days in 24 hours:

    Day 1 - 6am - 12pm

    Day 2 - 12pm - 6pm

    Day 3 - 6pm - Midnight

    You can accomplish a lot in those "three days" Sleep is important. Don't skimp there.

    3. Plan out your day/week

    Takes a little bit of time. But, it will help you map out what's important. Focus on the top 3 things. Get them done over all else. Then work on what you can.

    4. Cut things out

    What is not that important for you? Get rid of it.

    Subtracting things is easier than finding more time or being more efficient.

    5. Get up early or stay up late

    I love to stay up late, while everyone else is asleep. Problem is, to get 7-8 hours of sleep, I'm waking up later than the rest of the world.

    When you get up early and get a lot done, you feel very accomplished and ready to attack the day.

    6. "If you need something done, find a busy person"

    The people I know who get the most done, are always busy. They also are always there for me, when I need them. We all can take on a lot more than we think.

    7. Eat Less and/or prepare meals

    I spend so much time wondering what to eat. Automate it. Or skip meals. You will be fine. Eat something quick for lunch. Have simple meals that are easy to make or order.

    8. Combine Activities

    Can you walk/run and make phone calls? Or spend time with family while exercising? Can you work on your side business during the downtime of your main work/business?

    9. Hire Out

    Hiring a cleaning person once a month has been the best money I've ever spent. I don't like to clean, but I'm neat. So, I just do my best for 4 weeks and then they come in and clean the place. It saves me a ton of time, stress, and effort.

    Could you hire someone to manage your email? Or take phone calls. Or do some errands for you?

    10. Prioritize

    Priorities and motivations change over time. Make sure you are working your tail off for the reasons you want. Not what people tell you you should do. Or even what your past self told you you should do.

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