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10 ideas for How Do I Find Time for Things Other than my Day Job? challenge

In response to @eyegor for context: "I need help! I've read hundreds of ideas from dozens of lists and have even created my own by I STILL find myself struggling to accomplish the things I WANT to do. It seems that I barely have time to do the things I NEED to do.

My primary income source requires 8-12 hr days, 5 days / week. I not only want to keep working on additional income streams; but also find enough time, motivation, and energy for household chores, hobbies, and self improvement. But nothing I've tried so far has made this process automatic or even any easier. So I ask all of you to create a list of things I can do to help me get more done. Serious or whimsical, expensive or cheap, innovative or cliché. All lists are welcome and appreciated. Help me, NotePD. You're my only hope."

    1. We all have the same 24 hours

    Yes, that's right. Think on this fact for a while.

    2. Live in the Now

    The only moment you can live in is "now." Experience it.

    3. Hire a life coach

    Yes they can be very helpful, just find the right one. Pay money.

    4. Seek out your personal problem

    You say your major problem is you want more time to do stuff. But within you is probably another problem you can't or won't reveal or simply don't know about. If time management is something you tried before but it isn't working or you tried everything, there must be something else personal happening. Find that and ask for help with that.

    5. Reread those books

    You said you read it all and tried it all. Reread some of those books or ideas again. You are a new person.

    6. Accept complete control of your life

    Try this. Accept that everything that happens to you or around you in your life is the result of your own doing. Accept responsibility and look at how you caused the event and do it for a month.

    7. Keep a journal.

    Try all the things you want and keep a journal. If you tried it before, try it again, but this time set some final result you want.

    8. Open your mind

    Try listening or reading an idea or some philosophy you disagree with or feel "I can never do that."

    9. Do something bold(er)

    The funny movie "Everything Everywhere All At Once" talks about life timelines and how every action (that's drastic and crazy enough such as jumping butt first onto a trophy butt plug or papercutting between your fingers) can change a life. You don't need to do those extreme things, but maybe something just a little bit beyond your personal boundaries.

    10. Test it

    Whatever you're thinking about that you're scared of, test it out.

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