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How do you find your passion? How do you know if that's your passion?

    1. What did you want to do when you were a child?

    2. What would you do with your time if you had $1B in the bank and didn’t need any money?

    3. Go to your sacred space as Joseph Campbell called it and sit and do nothing or read until an idea comes to you.

    4. Write an Idea List! 20+ things I COULD do—and keep going until that siren idea, the one you HAVE to follow comes up and the Angels start singing.

    5. Do what will make the most of you to do it. What passion will gift you the most skills?

    6. Shadow several people in careers/passions that you like—but don’t know if it’s for you for sure. The actual “job” is always different than we think. Maybe you’ll like something even better while doing it.

    7. Take it a step further and apprentice for someone. For free if necessary. Learn from a master and get a mentor in the best case scenario.

    8. Solve a problem you have expertly. With a product or service...and then do that for others.

    9. Pray about it. Or meditate if that’s your thing. Ask that it be revealed to you. What comes to mind?

    10. The Jeff Bezos method: what would you regret NOT doing in your life? Well, you’ve got to do it!

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