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How do you protect your wealth and success overall?

    1. Never lend money to friends or family

    2. Never have an apartment above the first floor.

    - if you live in a city, never have an apartment above the third floor. (fires)

    3. Buy real estate that cash flows.

    - don't buy a house unless it covers all your mortgage payments plus has some extra left over for maintenance, etc. (i.e., rent it out and cover all expenses plus make money).

    4. Don't be stupid with your money

    5. Don't be stupid with other people's money

    6. Invest in yourself first before investing in others or ideas or businesses you don't really know about.

    This means reading a lot, going to events, talking to people, etc. so you can get a better understanding of what is happening in the world and how you might fit into it.

    7. Always be aware of which side of history you are on and which side is rising up and taking control of society's institutions and structures

    This will help you keep track of who your friends are and where your interests lie within these changes happening around you

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