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How Do You Set Yourself Up For a Good Day?

    1. Have a time list

    What are the things you want to do or should do?

    Just do it but instead of must archive; arrange the times should have for them.

    2. Focus on the item on the time list

    When you decide to do. Pick the item reminder for the time you have set.

    Then 100% energy for that. Not notice to any other.

    Example reading a book "abc" in 15mins

    Just set time then read it not do any other things else example take the water. You can prepare it before this or before the item.

    Stop when the time clock ringing.

    Then do any things you want

    3. The time should be shorter then 1.5hrs for any item.

    4. You do not need to be a hard worker. Just need to be continue growing.

    5. Should have some things to push your emotional at the end of the day.

    Smile with any one you meet on the way to parking.

    Read a book in xx mins

    Talking, watching films, learning with members in your family. To connect, to up your energy and sharing it also. And you may know some things important than you try to find it.

    6. No one special and do your like good than you

    You are your own boss of your life

    7. Take care of your emotion and action

    Any ideas that you have always have a part of peoples like it(1), some one neutral, and the others hate it.

    So you should be in the part 1. :)

    8. You could do any things better when you have the good health, good emotion, positive thinking.

    9. Live in the present

    If some things can not archive today, they need more time.

    If you just thinks about the future, you lost the current moment. Where your husband are playing with your children or your wife are cooking with big smiling face. Or your children are trying to do some things interesting.

    Focus on what you do at the time you do, out of the time. They are the past. You will think about that later.

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