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How I Can 10X My Life Based on the Buddha's Eightfold Noble Path

This list was initially inspired by @younes and his 10X ideas (https://notepd.com/idea/10-ideas-about-how-to-10x-2017).

I'm far from an expert in Buddhism, so I'm open to corrections to any misinterpretations of the Eightfold Path.

    1. 10X my gratitude toward family and friends.

    This item is based on the Right View practice.

    I take my family and friends for granted. I sparingly stay in touch, allowing myself to become deeply invested in my day-to-day life rather than connecting regularly. But when I do connect, I have a false expectation that they're just going to be ready and open to connecting me on my schedule.

    These are all wonderful people and deserve better treatment. 10Xing my gratitude for them should help me do a better job of being a good friend, son, brother, and person.

    2. 10X my major life decisions.

    This item is based on the Right Intention practice.

    Does my work align with my core values? What about my daily routine? My self-care?

    With this one, I need to sit down with each of these major areas of my life and line them up next to my list of core values to ensure that my daily interactions with work, habits and personal health are in alignment.

    3. 10X my daily writing.

    This item is based on the Right Speech practice.

    Does my daily writing practice align with the ideas I want to express? Am I writing enough, or could I be producing more words every day? Instead of writing 1,000 words a day, could I invest the time to produce 10,000 (!)?

    4. 10X my discipline.

    This item is based on the Right Action practice.

    I've read that discipline is like a muscle that can be strengthened. If this is true, can I build it to the point that I'm 10xing what I'm getting done each day?

    5. 10X what's on my to-do list.

    This item is based on the Right Effort practice.

    I don't want to 10X the number of items on my task list; rather, I think it would be immensely beneficial to 10X the quality of what I put on my list.

    How do I do that? Again, I look at my core values and ensure my daily tasks are in alignment with them. Am I taking one step forward toward the finish line with each of my projects every day?

    6. 10X the work I'm doing.

    This item is based on the Right Livelihood practice.

    Sometimes I feel like the work I'm doing doesn't have a lot of impact. Could I be doing something that better improves people's lives? Could I do something that touches someone in a way that the person's life changes radically for the better?

    What career or business could I pursue that would 10X my impact on the world? On people's lives? On my income?

    7. 10X my mindset toward making money.

    This item is based on the Right Mindfulness practice.

    I recently realized I self-sabotage when it comes to making money. Each time I have an opportunity to take a big step toward getting a new client or making a big sale, I distract myself to the point that I lose it. I don't yet know what the psychological root of this issue is. Regardless, I wonder what would happen if I 10Xed an open, abundant, deserving approach to allowing money in my life?

    8. 10X my focus.

    This item is based on the Right Concentration practice.

    How much time am I applying toward achieving my goals, and how much time am I searching Google for the latest Chicago Bears news (hint: far too often)?

    If, on average, I'm applying 90 minutes a day toward becoming a better runner (including time to run, stretch, strength train, cool down, etc.), could I 10X my focus on that effort? It's not realistic to literally invest 900 minutes into my daily running routine, but conceptually I could look at my habits and identify what could benefit from receiving more attention (i.e., do more stretches, and for a longer period).

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