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Nicola Fisher


How I manage my team

    1. Be kind

    This is a big one for me. I've always found that, if you're kind to people, they respond in a similar way and are willing to go the extra mile when needed. I've been told, many times over the years, that I should be tougher but I've always had high performing teams and happy staff.

    2. 1:1

    Be available. Proactively engage with team members on a daily basis, if possible. My team works remotely for part of the week so I check in with each of them on their last working day each week. Just a catch up call. I hold monthly 1:1 meetings. When I started a new contract this year, my first job was to spend time with each team member.

    3. Regular Team Meetings

    It's good to get the whole team together. It promotes team working and reduces fragmentation when working across multiple sites.

    4. Remember Birthdays

    Just a small thing. A birthday card and celebrating people's birthdays.

    5. Be a Sounding Board

    Sometimes people just need someone to be a sounding board for ideas or next steps.

    6. Clear Strategy

    People appreciate structure and clarity. Have a plan, have a strategy. Get input and insights from the team. Make their lives a bit easier by having a direction to travel in.

    7. Treat Everyone the Same

    Be consistent in the way you engage with each team member.

    8. Have a Plan and Share It

    I'm quite open with my team. I have a big plan (managed by Twos) and have shared that plan - it's based on feedback provided by the team since I joined.

    9. Celebrate Wins

    Even small ones. Recognise and acknowledge people for work well done and positive feedback.

    10. Do the Work

    Yes, as a Manager you have to delegate but also need to be seen to be mucking in and doing the work too.

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