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How I quit losing my shit

    1. The Holy Trinity

    WALLET PASSPORT PHONE. I held the plane up in Puerto Vallarta for half an hour searching for my passport. I was not popular. Treat this triad with reverance. Keep them seperate from your other belongings.Found my passport in my back pocket. If you want to avoid hostilities treat these objects as sacrament.

    2. Keys

    Left my keys on the table at work bad idea someone swiped them. Dont be a country hick keep your keys in a locker at work. At home i hang them up as soon as come through the door.

    3. Friends

    I bought my friend a fridge. She never paid me back because "It is a business expense and you can simply write it off". Be upfront with your people. Let them know your expectations. Jen was a good person and i miss her; shes dead now . I wish we would have been more honest with each other.

    4. Pants

    Quit drinking so hard or even better, quit drinking all together and deal with your emotions like a adult. Also leave your clothes on at parties.

    5. Mind

    Sleep you need it. Take a sleep test. If you sound like Chewbacca in bed get a CPAP. Supplement with a nootropic Phenibut is a game changer for clarity.

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