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How I'm decluttering my life (beyond Minimalism)

I’ve always had a knack for Minimalism from childhood but I gave it up at a point.

Because it attracted a lot of misunderstandings from loved ones, especially my parents, as sometimes it entailed getting rid of physical resources.

The reasons were simple since I was not the one purchasing them. Discarding resources without permission was seen as showing ingratitude or being rude.

But, as I've gotten older and technology has increased our access to everything, especially our attention and the amount of things we can buy, decluttering my life has become a necessity.

The truth is that if you are the one who is cluttering yourself, you are also the one who can declutter yourself.

Well this is honestly an inspiration from the post by man, Tyler Todt on Twitter:

He broke down decluttering into categories which I would also follow:

1) Time declutter

2) Physical declutter

3) Relationship declutter

4) Financial declutter

5) Digital declutter

6) Spiritual declutter

How I'm decluttering my life (beyond Minimalism)

    1. Time declutter:

    We all have 24 hours a day, but we don’t spend them the same. The most important thing that affects how we spend our time is our priorities.

    Do you want more time for the things that are important to you and your family? It's never about time management, it's about priority management.

    If you want to declutter your life, starting with your time – realize that you can’t do everything at once.

    Declutter your process.

    Set activities according to your priorities and act accordingly.

    2. Physical declutter

    When most people think of decluttering their lives – they think of physical decluttering.

    It’s a big one because your environment plays a large role in how you think.

    So many people are chronic hoarders of "stuff," and only events like moving out or poverty keeps them in check.

    Key ways to declutter physically include:

    - Downsizing or reducing the number of items you own; Elon Musk recently was said to have sold most of his homes to focus more on his mission.

    - Donating Unwanted items to charity or those in need.

    The sad truth is that clutter isn't just about the "stuff" in your workspace—it is also about the "stuff" in your mind.

    Accumulating more and more stuff, you don’t need doesn’t just take up physical space but can fill up mental space.

    The happiest people value experiences over material possessions. It’s not the big house, the fancy car, and all the stuff we accumulate over the years that makes us happy.

    What makes us happy is spending time and sharing experiences with other people.

    3. Relationship declutter

    We all have this void, which we could never fill on our own but could fill through good relationships.

    A key step in decluttering your relationships is to focus on quality over quantity. And involves relationship with your friends and family.

    If you want to have a successful, loving, and long-lasting relationship — you must make time to nurture it. A nurtured relationship is filled with warmth and often proves to be a stressbuster.

    Others i follow are:

    - Don’t invest time dating someone you’re not willing to marry.

    - Have mentors and coaches who can guide you to have complete clarity.

    - Choose friends that are interested in your growth and progress

    - Invest quality time with your loved ones as you never can tell the last time you’ll be with the person you love.


    4. Financial declutter

    I was talking to someone who had so many debts on her head, and I could sense it in her: no matter how smart you play, you’re still not free.

    The #1 financial declutter i know is to clear all forms of "negative debts." I'm referring to the consequences of poor financial planning as well as bad habits.

    This is different from those you take from investors and banks to grow your business.

    Living above your means is also a key factor in decluttering your life financially.

    One way I reset my mind, as once recommended by Tim Ferris, is to have "no spend" days every once in a while.

    The days when you just stick to the foundations of everything you have without spending for the sake of spending.

    5. Digital declutter

    You can run Multiple-6-Figure businesses with your phone or laptop and a small team and even make up to 90% profit margin today.

    But then these devices like any other thing can be addictive.

    I used to hear people talk about being addicted to social media and never really understand what they meant.

    Until I found myself:

    - Waking up to first check notifications

    - Having my eyes glued on a screen even while eating

    - Spending more time a toilet seat with a phone in my hand yet doing nothing.

    Then it occurred to me. I got to put restrain on my access to my phone especially social media to be in control of my life.

    I hence from time to time delete most social media apps on my phone before reinstalling them after a while. Read at least a chapter of a book or scriptures on waking rather than mindlessly scrolling through my phone.

    I also avoid working late at night for health reasons since the last time I experienced burnout.

    6. Spiritual declutter

    If we had to arrange everything we do according to priorities, then our spiritual life probably accounts for the most of our energy and meaning in life.

    It starts with looking within and giving yourself permission to grow, heal and evolve your mindset so you can connect more with God.

    No caps.

    Declutter your subconscious from comparison, envy, excessive worrying and overwhelming stress.

    Like scriptures say - "Loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself."

    You got to stay true to yourself and your values. Every form of hypocrisy and trying to impress others is only adding salt to the injury.

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