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Nicola Fisher


How I’m using Obsidian to keep on track of my writing

    1. Write in public

    I love writing in public. It’s a form of accountability. I’m less bothered these days about people reading my writing - it took a long time to get to that point!

    I use Obsidian as my writing tool. I have a backup of everything I write, and can work on my writing anywhere. It’s then automatically sync’d to Markbase.

    2. Draft newsletters

    I’ve changed my publishing schedule recently. Once a week I plan my content and create notes for each item I need to write. I can then jot down notes as they occur to me.

    3. Substack

    I do the same for Substack. Once complete, I can use the view mode, copy and paste straight into Substack, links and all.

    4. Daily Log

    I like keeping daily logs. They’re not always daily but almost.

    5. Writing Log

    I’ve started writing (almost) daily writing logs in a Substack publication. Mostly about flow or lack of it and any writing aha moments. I like writing these short posts.

    6. Podcast

    I have a note with all the podcast episodes embedded.

    7. Fiction

    I’m working on a series of short stories called The Death Certificate. I’d like to create 7+ stories. I have 3 in the pipeline and notes for some others.

    8. Now page

    I write my Now page in Obsidian and then it’s published using Markbase.

    9. Matter and Kindle

    Notes written in Matter or Kindle automatically filter into Obsidian and are published in my digital garden.

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