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How might you see differently

Great challenge. It is a little broad, in my opinion. Sports is not real life, bc there is often only 1 winner in a 1-1 competition. Will do my best to participate here...

    1. Ask a beginner

    Or someone with fresh eyes. Sometimes, things are really obvious. And sometimes, when you get really good at something, you start to overlook the basics. You think at a much higher level and that can hurt you. A beginner will see the obvious.

    2. Choose the other side of what you actually think

    Think Charlie Munger is famous for this? If you can't argue the other sides opinion as well as your own, then you don't fully understand the situation. I could have butchered this whole thing, so take it with a grain of salt.

    3. In Sports you don't have to win, they can lose

    Pete Carrol has famously said that sporting events are not won, they are lost. Someone messes something up. In football, it's usually turnovers that cost a team the game. Especially when the sides are pretty evenly matched, big mistakes will decide the outcome almost every time. Try and remain focused and give the other side a chance to win. That is why many teams will play conservatively in big moments, bc they know they only need a slight edge, or gift from the other side. In many team sports they say "Defense wins championships" - that's bc the offense messed up. The defense remains disciplined and attempts to take advantage of an offensive mistake.

    4. Focus on your opponent

    In the Agassi example given, Andre realizes he's there to beat someone else. While he knows he has to perform at a certain level , he's focused on finding small edges that will give him a massive advantage. He's not dwelling on how he's feeling, or how he's playing, he's trying to see if Becker is giving him any clues that will help him. Most tennis players just look at the ball. Andre looked at his opponent.

    5. Don't tip your hand

    Once Andre had the clue, he did his best to not let Becker know he knew...He probably lost some points on purpose, to make Becker think he had no idea. Then, on a big moment, or a game he had a chance to win, he would use the tip to his advantage. Keep your advantages close to your vest...

    6. Don't think like a sheep

    Right now, 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Don't do what they are doing. Most people are unhappy. Most people are unsuccessful. Most people/businesses/groups are focused on the wrong things. Think for yourself. Don't be a contrarian just to be a contrarian, but make sure you are making an independent decision and not influenced by the masses.

    7. Think a few steps ahead

    In a sport like tennis or a game like golf or chess, when you make a move or hit a shot, you need to consider what will happen because of that shot or move. What will your opponent likely do? What do you want to do on the next shot? Same in life, decisions have consequences. Consider the outcomes before you make your move.

    8. Control what you can control

    When you are in the moment, you cannot let negative factors or thoughts creep in. If you didn't get a good night's sleep before a big test or completely messed up in a moment in negotiations, you have to move on. Dwelling will negatively impact the next few questions or negotiation points. Learn to move on. Most people are HORRIBLE at this. Similar to #4, use that to your advantage.

    9. Plan for the worst

    It amazes me how poorly people plan for different outcomes. Most of the time, things do not end up in the worst case or the best case scenario. But consider them all prior to make decisions. That way, you are not surprised. If you are surprised about an outcome, you didn't properly plan. If you don't plan and prepare properly, you are planning to fail.

    10. Take pressure off

    One thing that is good about sports, is it puts the athlete under constant pressure. The outcome of the point, match, game will be recorded and everyone will know the outcome. But, in the grand scheme of things, "does it really matter?" Usually, not so much. And same with decisions in business or life. You'll be fine, as long as you don't make a major mistake. Tell yourself "This doesn't matter that much" or "I don't really care" if you are nervous or feeling the heat. Fake it until you make it. You'll be fine either way.

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