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How might you see differently

How might you see differently to achieve completely different results?

Here’s some inspiration from Andre Agassi: How to see

    1. See the ball early

    “I used to watch the ball all the way into my racket, and then I would hit it. Now I watch it early, even when it’s far from me. That way I know where it’s going before it gets there.”

    2. See your strengths

    “You can always find a weakness. But you can also find a strength. Figure out what you do well and do more of that. Don’t try to fix everything at once. If you start trying to change everything at once, you won’t do anything well and you won’t enjoy any one thing in particular. You won’t have any passion for anything because you are spreading yourself too thin while looking for perfection. Perfection is an illusion anyway so don’t waste your time chasing after something that doesn’t exist. Be good at one or two things and be the best at those things. Then work on other areas as time permits but never neglect what makes you special and unique as a player."

    3. See Yourself First

    "You must see yourself as a champion before you can become one." - Muhammad Ali

    4. See What others are NOT seeing

    "The idea is to make money by anticipating the ideas of others." - Jesse Livermore

    5. See Deeper Than Others (and don't get distracted)

    "In poker, people will tell me, 'Oh, he's bluffing.' And I'll say, 'No he's not.' They say, 'How do you know that?' It's because I see his eyes." - Phil Ivey

    6. See Opportunities Where Others Don't

    "The key is to find opportunity in change... Never fear change ... welcome it ... grab hold of it ... leverage it ... And never let go!" - Jack Welch

    7. See How You Can Win Bigger Than Anyone Else Can Imagine

    How can YOU win bigger than anyone else can imagine

    Howard Schultz (on Starbucks)

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