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How to 20 times my business

    1. Make a product that people want

    This is obvious but not easy. No one wants to hear from me on this. But it's the first step.

    2. Have multiple products

    For instance, "Make a Website in 24 Hours". "Make an App in 24 Hours", etc.

    3. Create a course around each of your products

    People will pay $50 for a course on how to make a website in 24 hours. And then they will pay $500 for the next course, and so on.

    4. Do 100% affiliate marketing

    Find 100 products you love and do affiliate marketing for them. For instance, if I love ConvertKit (I do) I can put an affiliate link on my site and say, "If you buy through this link I get 20% of it."

    5. Podcast every day!

    Do interviews with people who are experts in various fields related to your niche(s). Or just have conversations with people about whatever you find interesting that day. Use Anchor or whatever to create podcast episodes around these conversations and then promote them as podcasts on your site and via social media. This is how Tim Ferriss got started and he's worth more than $100 million now so it obviously works.

    6. Write books! (this is an example of one of mine)

    I wrote three books in the past year and they've done well enough that I can live off their royalties alone now without doing any other work (although I'm still creating new content every day). But writing books is one way to build authority and get people to come back to your site over and over again because they want more information from you after reading your book(s). This is probably THE best way to make money online when starting from scratch.

    7. Create multiple sites with similar themes but different niches within your niche(s)

    For instance, "HowToGetRichSlowly", "HowToGetRichQuickly", etc. Or "TheDailyDoseOfWealth", "TheDailyDoseOfFitness", etc., etc.. Each site has its own domain name so they all rank separately for different keywords related to each niche/site combination. This way you can dominate many different niches within your main niche(s). The more sites you have like this the better off you are because then you can promote across all the sites using social media or email lists or wherever else you might promote things across multiple sites that are all related but have separate domains names so they rank independently of each other..

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