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How to be a nice house guest

If you're invited to stay at someone's place

    1. Bring something

    Wine is easy. Better if you can bring something sentimental.

    2. Bring something for the kids

    Even used toys, they won't know the difference...

    3. Keep your space clean and tidy

    Even before you leave. Reduces their stress if they walk by.

    4. Be along for the ride

    Don't be demanding. See how they live. Try and blend in. As long as it doesn't cause you harm.

    5. Go to bed when they do

    Or at least be in their room if they go to bed earlier than you do.

    6. Get up when they do

    If you can. If you can't try and not wake them.

    7. Clean up after yourself

    Do your dishes. Or put them in the dishwasher. Help out a little, if you can.

    8. Make your bed

    As best you can. Each day.

    9. Park where they tell you to

    Don't block them in the driveway, or steal their parking spot

    10. Ask if you can change the sheets before you leave

    They'll probably tell you they will do it, but it's nice to ask.

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