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How to be consistent?

I wrote a list previously on 9 things that makes consistency worthwhile. Its not about what you do ….it’s about what you do consistently.

I gave out a job to someone who wasn’t experienced or qualified enough based on her personal request. Then I put her through some training….and after a few trials she got something presentable.

In fact, to my surprise it received so much acceptance from others that no one knew it was her "first" professional work.

But what’s funny is … after that success I didn’t hear back from her.

Then i thought to myself - Success is not about hitting the home run once.

Every successful person I know today were consistent on doing things until they became excellent at it.

10 keys to be consistent in life

    1. Have a clear why

    You can tell who’s not going to quit after a few weeks from their "why" and priorities from the start.

    Without a deep why you will fail and lack consistency. It takes some self-awareness, planning and telling yourself the truth to know what you want.

    Else you find yourself chasing a game that means nothing to you.

    Having a different priority from everyone else is not bad on its own.

    E.g. most people good on writing here are may not be consistent with other forms of social media e.g. instagram or making tiktok videos.

    2. Start small

    If you’ve ever run a business before – you find the system rewards people who are the most consistent in terms of return over investment.

    But first everyone starts small.

    With time you’re comfortable with taking more risks and even failing harder but get better exponentially.

    It all adds up - you lose all the potential reward if you don’t see the value of stacking small wins.

    3. Do the Boring work

    Having a "Shiny Object Syndrome" will keep you stuck, with little hope of progress.

    Dreaming and manifestation alone is easier than getting your ass down to the boring work but is less effective in helping you stay consistent.

    Doing the boring work is the key to filtering through all the noise and complexity, at the same time taking confident consistent steps towards your goals. ⁣There’s no beautiful output you know which has an all-time “exciting process.”

    The process gets boring at times and sometimes even the most talented people feel like quitting.

    I believe there's a place to embracing boredom to achieving mastery.

    Remember, it’s in the pushing through, bouncing back from failure and avoiding the shiny objects that we can make consistency a second nature.

    4. Embrace imperfection

    You don't need to have everything figured out.

    Alex Hormozi & his spouse Leah, has been breaking the internet and social media platforms of recent - from 0 to growing millions in audience across all platforms.

    I love a response Leah his wife gave on an interview on how they feel when a post of hers doesn’t get as much engagement as expected.

    She responded by saying “it’s nothing” as it just reminds her she’s just another human and “learner” contributing her ideas and not anybody perfect.

    When you’re getting consistent on any habit – quit getting embarrassed, ashamed or even upset on the intial outcome of your work.

    Swallow your pride even if you're reprimanded by any higher authority and take the correction while still being consistent.

    5. Create Routines and rituals

    Your routines and habits tell a lot about your priorities. Our brain craves for routines as much as we do.

    Routines and habits make it easy for us and our brains to:

    - Use less energy

    - Reduce friction and

    - Do work in less time

    Start with having a set schedule. Having a set schedule will help you to be more consistent. You will be less likely to miss a day if you have a set time that you do something.

    6. Hold yourself accountable

    Quit making Excuses. When you’re trying to be consistent with a habit – it’s one thing to take responsibility and another to tolerate your excuses.

    Have you noticed how our excuses always come with random stories?

    When you're struggling with any habit such as writing online consistently or reading at least a chapter every day - the “I don’t have enough time” is the favorite excuse.

    But if you count how many hours we spend doom scrolling, chatting or on Netflix – then you realize how much more we could do with our time.

    Keeping yourself accountable will help to make sure you stick to your goal.

    7. Set a Goal

    We play differently when we set goals and have deadlines. Having a specific goal in mind will help to keep you on track.

    James Clear popularized why "systems beat goals" in terms of being consistent and getting results – but setting realistic goals help us keep scores and celebrate our successes.

    Without a goal, it is difficult to be consistent. You need to have something to strive for in order to be motivated to be consistent.

    Start with defining what you want to achieve, then break down that goal into smaller, more manageable pieces.

    8. Think Long Term

    Thinking short term Is detrimental to your success and growth.

    When you find that friend jumping from one business idea to the next every week - they're unsuccessful because they don't think long term, which requires discipline and consistency.

    Thinking long term and falling in love with the process is how you become successful in whatever you do.

    9. Find a support group

    The right Accountability partner(s) can help you hold your hands, eliminate excuses and even help you get back on track.

    It could be a platform like this, working with a coach or a friend you both have the same goals.

    Having people to help encourage and motivate you will make it easier to stay consistent.

    10. Focus on the bigger picture

    No one can create your vision for you on whatever you want to be consistent at.

    The bigger picture is where your eyes should always be at.

    This requires bigger thinking that 'what tactics work now' as you need to zoom out & look at the larger picture.

    11. Bonus point: Take care of yourself

    If you don't take care of yourself you're going to burnout or lose motivation. It's the secret to be better prepared and disciplined to face your goals.

    Your general health and self-esteem are influenced by your everyday routine.

    Self-care is non-negotiable. Plan some "me time," get lots of rest, alter your eating patterns to ones that are cleaner and healthier.

    Allow yourself to feel your best again. Become confident and persistent in your efforts and success will be yours!


    The biggest piece to success is just showing up consistently and doing the work even on days you don’t feel like it.

    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity - Seneca⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

    Make sure you stick to something for a long time, at least 21 days before expecting great results.

    That's the power of being consistent. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight … Everything takes time, patience & consistency to achieve it.

    You start to see results pretty quickly after you take action, buckle down, and work consistently.

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