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How to be disciplined with your fitness schedule

I always struggled to start or be regular with my fitness schedule. Either I did not do anything (not even once a year) or started and stopped something within a week. This used to be my biggest guilt, however, still I made no progress.

Finally, I have started it, continuing with it, loving it, and I am regular too. I am doing a combination of things. I do yoga, meditation, gym, walk, and hike- all! Yoga: 5 days a week, meditation- 4 days a week, gym- once a week, hike- once a week, walk- a few times a week.

So here are a few ideas to start and continue with your fitness schedule

    1. Just start. Do not worry about being regular.

    2. Do not try to be perfect or optimize from day or week 1. Just start slow and keep going!

    3. Enjoy the process, so you look forward to it. vs dreading to do that thing!

    4. Anytime you get off the schedule (whatever that may be and whatever frequency may be), just restart! Once a week is better than zero times a week.

    5. MOST IMPORTANT: Get external help. Have a teacher/trainer. This has been an absolute game-changer for me. Someone shows up for me, so I show up! This has been an investment for sure, however SO WORTH IT!

    6. yes, that app and youtube video will not motivate you. If you are one of those, who have been struggling to get started or continue- then please know that a youtube recorded video will not motivate you enough!

    7. Even if you think you know the moves and do not need a trainer for gym/yoga et all- still hire one.. External accountability is gold! also, they are getting paid to improve you, so it works!

    8. Share with people about your fitness regime/journey - it helps to share and also, increases accountability in some ways!

    9. Try to find a fitness buddy if you can- live or just someone you can share your daily/weekly schedule/progress/stories with!

    10. Join a group if you do not like doing it alone. I typically like to do things on my own, however for longer/difficult hikes- I like to join a group.

    11. Join one/ more online communities. I am part of few online hiking groups- even if I rarely join their group activities- looking at their updates and pictures motivates me, helps me find the next hiking location, and I feel part of community

    12. Last and VERY IMPORTANT: Pay and get a trainer/coach/teacher (yes, I remember that I have written it already- it just needed a reminder)

    13. If you plan to add multiple things to your fitness schedule- start with one, get comfortable with it, and then add another piece. As an example, I started with walk, then added yoga later, then added hike, meditation, and then gymming..

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