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How To Build A Better Bookmark

    1. Make It Durable

    Many bookmarks are made from paper or cardboard. To have a more permanent solution, the bookmark needs to be more durable than that.

    2. Make It Portable

    Obviously it needs to be smaller than a book and easily packed to go with that book.

    3. Make It Collapsible or Adjustable Size

    It should be able to mark your page in a door-stopping tome or a small paperback.

    4. It Should Be Able to Mark More Than One Page

    For textbooks, non-fiction or times where you want to refer back to something you've already read that is prior to your current spot in the book.

    5. Cheap

    It's competing with free, but if it provides enough value, there can be a small cost.

    6. It Has To Stay Attached To The Book

    If you've ever had a bookmark fall out of the book you were reading, you'll understand the frustration that drives this point/idea.

    7. It Can Record A Page Numerically

    In case it does fall out, if you could select your current page (maybe from three 10-digit dials) then you'd still know where you left off.

    8. It Can Record A Date

    So you'll know when you last opened the book.

    9. It Can Record Other Information

    Words read? Pages read?

    10. It Can Provide a Reading Window

    I believe people with dyslexia or other reading difficulties benefit from being able to track one word at a time by sliding a window along the lines they read. If the window magnified the word (for any vision impairment) so much the better.

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