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How to come up with a topic for an Idea List

    1. Alternative solutions to problems you've solved

    2. Solutions to a current problem

    3. solutions for another person's problem

    4. How to improve something

    5. Activities to try in an area (physical or topic)

    6. Ways to extend an idea

    7. People to follow on a topic

    8. Follow-up questions on something you've been thinking about

    9. Next steps on a project

    10. Brainstorm word associations from an idea you're thinking about

    11. Connections between two ideas

    12. People who can help with a topic

    13. Ideas that are connected to an idea you have

    14. Brainstorm answers to a question that's bugging you

    15. Analogues to a problem you have

    16. Advice you would give someone

    17. Advice you wish you could get

    18. Different ways to do something you already do

    19. Things that could go wrong on a project

    20. Answers to a question you heard recently

    21. Resources for a problem

    22. Mistakes that you made doing X

    23. Ideas from a piece of content (podcast, book, essay)

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