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How to create live online classes

    1. Pick a topic you are passionate about

    This is the most important thing. If you love talking about something, then it will be easier to do a live class.

    2. Figure out how much time you want to spend on each topic

    For instance, if I were doing a class on "how to invest" I would probably have 3-4 topics: - stocks - real estate - crypto - poker (since that's my speciality)

    3. Make a list of subtopics for each topic

    For instance, with "stocks", I might list some subtopics: - what is a stock?- how to buy stocks- how to research stocks- what are the best websites for researching stocks- how to set up an account at those websites- etc.

    4. Do some videos where you teach the basics of each subtopic.

    So let's say "how to buy stocks". In that video, I would first explain what a stock is and why people buy them. Then I'd go through various ways people can buy them. And then i'd show some examples of sites where you can do this and which one I prefer (for instance). Then I'd talk about research and which sites are good for research and why. And so on. This way people who sign up for your course know they are getting value from day 1 instead of having to wait until later in the course when you get more into specifics.

    5. Write down the order in which you will teach things in each subtopic.

    For instance, with "how to buy stocks", maybe it goes like this:- what is a stock,- how they work,- why people buy them,- how they work, etc.- How to open accounts at different places that allow buying stocks,- What are the best sites for buying stocks,- What are some good sites where you can learn more about specific companies,- Which is better when it comes down to cost/quality? Do they have free trials? Etc.- How do dividends work? Are they important? When do they happen? How often do they happen? Is there any way around them? Can you avoid paying taxes if there is a dividend coming up? Or perhaps even use it as an opportunity? Etc.- How does trading work when there is news related to a specific company or dividend news or other types of news related specifically to that company.- etc

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