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How to create memories that last forever

    1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

    I’ve written about this before. The people you surround yourself with are the people you will become.

    2. Exercise Every Day

    Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine which makes you happy, reduces stress, and increases your energy.

    3. Eat Well (and don’t eat late)

    Sleep well = good health = good mental acuity = success in life.

    4. Sleep 8 Hours a Night

    Get to bed at roughly the same time every night so that your body can get into a natural sleep cycle. Your body likes routines.

    5. Take a Walk Outside Each Day

    Just 20 minutes outside each day can increase your life expectancy by 4-14 years (depending on who you ask). This is due to the Vitamin D we absorb from the sun when we are outside. I’m not saying live forever but it’s pretty amazing if you think about it for a second.

    6. Say “No” to things that don’t matter or aren’t fun. You only have 24 hours in a day so use them wisely!

    If something doesn't make you happy, why do it? It's important to say "no" because if you say "yes" to everything then nothing means anything and then you start feeling like nothing means anything and then you feel depressed and then...well, I don't know what happens after that but I've seen it happen many times so it's important to learn how to say no even if it's hard at first.

    7. Write Down 3 Things Every Day That Went Well That Day – Even if they seem small – write them down!

    If you tell yourself "this was a good day" then it was a good day – even if there were problems along the way. Because if you tell yourself that enough times, eventually your brain believes it and will help create more positive days in your future.

    8. Read Fiction for 30 Minutes Before Bed Every Night – something fun – like Harry Potter or James Bond or whatever makes you laugh out loud! (don't read self-help books before bedtime!)

    The latest research says reading fiction before bed helps improve memory function during sleep by up to 14%. Again, this isn't an article about how to live forever but just thought I'd throw this one in there since I read fiction every night before going to sleep and do feel like my memory has improved as a result of this habit .

    9. Laugh 10 Times Every Day – Watch funny videos online or go see comedians live or watch comedy TV shows or read funny books or talk with friends about funny stories from your past (or their past) – whatever works for you! But find some way

    Again, not sure why this is true but several studies have shown that laughing reduces stress by up to 80% . This is important because chronic stress kills brain cells over time (although exercise also seems reduce stress too). So find ways daily to laugh until it feels like laughing becomes part of who YOU ARE rather than just another activity in life .

    10. Forgive Everyone By Writing Down Who You Need To Forgive And Why And Then Burning The List In A Fire Or Throwing It Into A River Or Some Other Way Of Getting Rid Of It Forever So That You Can Start Fresh Tomorrow – Don't hold grudges agai

    They will only hurt your health over time!

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