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How to create memories that last forever with your loved ones

    1. The Rule of Three

    When writing a book, the best way to make it memorable is to use the rule of three. In other words, have your main character do three things in each act that are not related but all lead to the climax. For instance, in "The Godfather", Michael Corleone has three jobs: making coffee, killing a man, and marrying his sister off. of these are directly related but they all lead up to him taking over the family business.

    2. The rule of seven plus or minus two

    People can hold only 7 ± 2 items in their short term memory at one time. So if you want people to remember something you have to either repeat it seven times (or five or three etc) or connect it with 7 other items so they can remember it as part of a group that has seven items in it. This is why ads on TV repeat their slogans and why companies like Nike put their logo on every product they can get away with (so people will associate them with many products).

    3. Make someone an offer they can't refuse

    People love stories where there's an offer someone can't refuse (and then they refuse anyway). Get someone interested in you and then ask for something outrageous that you know they won't say no to (but you really hope they do). Then if you are lucky enough for them to say yes then you will have a story forever about how you got someone who was willing to say "no" when everyone else said "yes". I did this once when I wrote a book called "Choose Yourself" . I asked an investor for $1 million dollars and he said yes even though we had never met before and he didn't know me from Adam. It was an absurd amount of money for me but I wanted to find out if he would really do it. He did! And we became good friends ever since. Sometimes life gives us stories we never imagined were possible.

    4. The Hero's Journey

    This was developed by Joseph Campbell and basically says that every story ever told follows this arc: 1) Ordinary World 2) Call To Adventure 3) Refusal Of The Call 4) Meeting A Mentor 5) Crossing The First Threshold 6) Tests, Allies And Enemies 7) Approach To The Inmost Cave 8 )The Reward 9 )The Road Back 10 ) Resurrection And Return 11 ) Master Of Two Worlds There are many websites online describing this arc so I won't go into detail here but basically every story ever told follows this arc because we like stories that follow this arc because our brains like stories that follow this arc because this is what happens in real life when we take any big step forward towards our dreams. It's also worth noting that most TV shows don't last more than five seasons because after season five, the hero has reached his goal and there's nowhere left for him/her to go on the hero's journey so the show ends (see "Seinfeld", "Friends", etc). If you want your own podcast or video series to last more than five seasons then make sure your hero takes some sort of journey each season where he moves closer towards his ultimate goal . This is why my podcast "LAST WEEK EVER" lasts ten episodes instead of just one episode per week since each episode represents one week in my ultimate goal which is world domination through my podcasting skills (which I am still working on).

    5. Make Them Laugh

    A study done by UC Berkley showed that people who watched standup comedy were able to stave off Alzheimer's disease longer than those who did not watch standup comedy. Why? Because laughter releases endorphins which makes us happy and keeps us young. So always be funny

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