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How to develop a sense of Gratitude:

There's a video going viral on social media (Tiktok, to be exact) of a kid singing the popular "It's a Beautiful Day" song by Jermaine Edwards.

Thank You for rain
Thank You for joy
Thank You for pain
It's a beautiful day

It’s a song that loudly proclaims the importance of gratitude in one of the most beautiful and simple ways possible.

Part of the reason why partners lose interest in buying gifts for their spouses, employees don’t feel appreciated, and even men stop wanting to serve their countries is when they feel a lack of gratitude from the people they’re serving.

Yes, it's true we should do things without much expectation, but gratitude can serve as momentum and create that positive ripple for more good and healthy associations.

Take a moment to be grateful for the things you have instead of fixating on what you don’t have.

8 ways to develop a sense of gratitude daily

    1. Practice Gratitude daily

    Do a Gratitude practice every single day with your heart which shifts your vibration.

    E.g. Write a Gratitude Journal: when you start to write all the things you have, and are grateful for; only then will you be aware of the blessings and achievements you already have.

    For me; this is how I start my prayers in the mornings; appreciating God for life, health and family; before I think of any request.

    2. Appreciate little things

    People who have a problem with gratitude have a mindset problem because they have high expectations for what they could express gratitude for.

    A man wanted to surprise his wife with a car but decided to first show her a non-fancy car for some reason.

    And with a poor attitude, she failed the test—she could not imagine herself being humiliated with a non-fancy car. And he made sure she got NONE – both the fancy and non-fancy.

    The right attitude for success is Appreciation and gratitude for every little thing you have in life.

    3. Stop comparing yourself with others

    Gratitude is the #1 cheatcode I used to get rid of unnecessary anger and open my mind to the endless opportunities’ life has got to offer.

    I didn’t want to be the kid “working for parents” instead of being allowed to have all the free time.

    Ingratitude made me see my struggling parents as “weak” or “stupid” compared to other comfortable parents as I felt entitled to wanting to be born into a rich home.

    4. Make it a habit to stop complaining randomly

    Everyone complains at times - but few people have it in their character.

    I had a boss who complained of the tiniest error or mistake. So the work culture was filled with fear, pain and getting back at each other.

    That’s what complaining can do for you and your family or work culture – it’s as toxic metastasizing as cancer.

    Gratitude is my Oxygen. It's the fuel to my Ambition.
    I am not grateful today, because of the life get to live.
    I am where I am today, because of the gratitude that I fell all along.
    There is so much to be grateful for, and it does not need to be written in a $29 Gratitude Journal from an Influencer with millions of followers. All it takes is you - looking around and giving up the delusion of having to wake up happy every morning. – Josh Cousins

    5. Choose service

    Service is one way to ignite a creative spark, gratitude, and joy in our lives!

    Instead of having high expectations for others, start with yourself. The ingratitude melts away.

    I am grateful for my life and for every chance I get, to be great and serve others who deserve my support.

    "When you direct your focus toward gratitude, you'll find true joy and fulfillment." – Tony Robbins
    Volunteering your time to help others is one of the best ways to develop a sense of appreciation and gratitude. By seeing the impact that your efforts can have on other people's lives, you can gain a deeper understanding of the importance of gratitude and appreciation.

    6. Become vulnerable

    Find gratitude through your pain and watch yourself go to the next level. Luckily part of what you can always control in life is your gratitude towards what you have.

    I don’t know any unthankful person who is transparent. 9/10 their attitude is motivated by fear, trauma and covered up emotions.

    When you get up in the morning, direct your thoughts and emotions directly towards something which awakens gratitude in you! Stop using ingratitude to bottle up emotions and unresolved.

    But rather learn how to face uncomfortable emotions, and release them, and open your heart to love, joy, gratitude, trust, giving, and abundance.

    7. Appreciate people making effort

    I learned the hard way that doing it all alone sucks on so many levels – we need people. Why not start appreciating everyone that comes your way.

    Instead of focusing on results only lookout for zeal, patience and hardwork and reward such.

    I’m not much of a “big team” kind of person – but part of what I learned from my mum is to make it a priority to treat people who are in anyway working for me right.

    This includes people you feel can’t pay you back and those on a higher level such as Coaches, mentors.

    Remember, the struggle ends where gratitude begins.

    8. Practice Kindness

    Practicing kindness and expressing gratitude to others can help to foster a sense of appreciation and thankfulness.

    How you treat people you feel can't pay you back reveals your CHARACTER to a large extent.

    By being kind and expressing gratitude to those around you, you can create an environment of appreciation and thankfulness that can help to increase your own sense of gratitude.


    Focusing on what you don't have will get you nowhere

    Gratitude is a must for any successful person

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