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How to develop an Abundance mindset? 7 steps to developing an abundance mindset

Most people I know think i do what i do for the rewards. Truth is I've always had a vision for the life i want to live.

Every single thing i have now that i consider a "success" and those i hope to accomplish - I've already manifested myself as having them.

This makes me think of why we all need to tackle life with an Abundance mindset. Every other thing becomes a bonus.

    1. Celebrate others for their successes

    It costs ZERO to celebrate with others.

    See other’s successes as part of your own success. If anything, if they can do it, so you can.

    When you celebrate others – they see and remember you on a better note and are happier wtih thier lives.

    On the other hand, when you only wait for people to fail so you can give advice – with time that’s all they associate you with which is a form of scarcity.

    2. Simplify your life

    Take for example - How do you get healthier? Conventional advice - Be able to afford the best healthcare in the world, buy good supplements, find organic foods etc.

    A person with scarcity mindset would thinkg health is such an expensive thing only the wealthy people have access to or you need to save up your entire savings to live healthier.

    Good health is in your finger tips - EVERYBODY. Eliminate junk and Get some physical activity daily that at least break some sweat (on some days) and Up your Vitamin D levels which improves health overall,

    You can apply this principle to studies, writing, sales etc. Putting in Reps and cutting the fluff does the magic.

    Let go of the need for perfection and embrace imperfection

    3. Be Open minded

    Focus on learning and growth. Learn from people way ahead of you.

    If you’re stuck on something and see someone who has done it a 100x over – they deserve to charge you.

    Scarcity mindset only calculate Costs. Abundance mindset can see Investment.

    You don’t have to buy any course – especially if you think its overpriced.

    But its scarcity that makes you think everything paid is a scam – probably because you can’t “afford” it.

    I know afford can mean different things to different people. Because there are people that can buy their girlfriends any amount of phone she wants yet can’t buy one half the price for themselves.

    “Labeling everything as a scam without critical thought is a dead giveaway of closed mindedness and a lack of development in that area.” - @ Dan Koe

    4. Raise your standards and open up yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities.

    Sometimes we tolerate shit in our lives because we’re afraid we may never find another.

    - Addictions

    - Toxic relationships

    - Toxic clients

    - Jobs we hate

    How long would you stay stuck until you raise your standards? You have options, friend.

    Let go of weak boundaries, crappy relationships that is not serving you and doing shit you hate.

    The moment you raise your standard and eliminate whatever you want to cut out from your life then your eyes become open to see the abundance in the world.

    So start visualizing yourself achieving your goals.

    5. Cultivate gratitude

    The key is focusing on what you have, rather than what you lack

    Without gratitude you never have time to count your blessings.

    You keep thinking the grass is greener on the other side and even when you get there you only change the goal post.

    With a gratitude mindset you start attracting endless love and abundance from the universe.

    6. Be a Giver: Be generous

    Do an audit on your time and relationships today.

    Where and which platforms are you only a taker.

    Change that.

    Share more often. Give input. Show some love. You develop an abundance mentality on the spot.

    If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence. - Lao Tzu

    7. Quit comparing yourself with others

    I’m all for seeing others successes as motivation and trying to beat records.

    But always watch your intentions.

    Is your goal simply to be “better” so you could feel more valuable? That’s not abundance.

    You’re enough. No accomplishments can change that.

    E.g. on this app, the biggest way to measure your growth is your intrinsic motivation to write, how better you are getting it tomorrow and sharing your message.

    You got to do the inner work.

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