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How to develop patience to learn a new skill?

With just one click, you can access expert advice, dozens of training courses, and hundreds of books. Information is more available than ever.

But is it effective for learning?

Everything pushes us to consume more, when clicking on your next purchase, remember that depth is much more effective than width. And that patience plays a crucial role in your progress.

    1. Favor depth over width.

    In each area, you will find an expert, a friend, an acquaintance who swears only by one method.

    And very often, the concepts are completely different.

    Add to that good marketing that sells you an improvement in your health, your finances, your loves and you end up jumping from material to material with minimal result.

    “All roads lead to Rome.”

    There isn’t one method that works for everyone. Assuming you’ve done a little research, each approach taken independently can perform. But fluttering from one system to another is a path of stagnation.

    2. Manage the fine line between boredom and efficiency

    I have a “streak” of almost 2000 days with Duolingo, a language learning site.

    Of course, I have periods of boredom where the constant repetition of the same exercises annoys me.

    If I like the system (which is the case with Duolingo), I try to innovate by keeping it. Go from the traditional learning tree to stories, work only on new themes or focus on revisions…

    3. Moving from collecting to using.

    When you do your research on which tools to select for your learning, open a file, write down all the references, rank them in order of importance and start with the first one.

    You’ll have plenty of time to move on to the next one, once you have mastered the material.

    Plus, it’s better for your wallet.😀

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